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Forbidden Love lyrics


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     Forbidden Love
    >> Madonna
        [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    [Rejection, love without doubt]

    (spoken twice in background during first and second verses:)
    [Don't go near the fire, don't go in the dark]
    [Don't give in to your desire, 'cause he's gonna break your heart]
    [Let go, let go]

    I don't, don't care if it's not right
    To have your arms around me
    I want to feel what it's like
    Take all of you inside of me


    In your eyes [in your eyes], forbidden love
    In your smile [in your smile], forbidden love
    In your kiss [in your kiss], forbidden love
    If I had one wish love would feel like this [love would feel like this]

    I know that you're no good for me
    That's why I feel I must confess
    What's wrong is why it feels so right
    I want to feel your sweet caress


    If I only had one wish
    Love would always feel like this
    Wishin' on the stars above
    Forbidden love
    If I only had one dream
    This would be more than it seems
    Forbidden love [forbidden love]

    [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    Rejection [Love without doubt]
    Is the greatest aphrodisiac

    (chorus, repeat)

    [Love without guilt, love without doubt]
    Love should always feel like this
    Heaven forgive me, never forbid me
    (repeat and fade)
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